About Us


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When I decided to open Ken’s Deli & Bakery, my desire was to create a comfortable atmosphere for seniors and others featuring a limited menu of quality products, with service included to make you feel special. I want you to feel it’s your kind place and that it helps make your day a little bit better. Today, I’m lucky to have people working at Ken’s Deli & Bakery who feel and act the same way. We’ve also been fortunate to attract special people as customers; it is my hope you are one of them. To us, food is synonymous with freshness and quality served in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

At Ken’s Deli & Bakery dishes are always made to order and completely fresh, utilizing the highest quality ingredients. We have been a neighborhood favorite for the past few years and we plan to continue welcoming our loyal customers for years to come.

We serve breakfast and lunch Monday thru Saturday. We have Cincinnati Chili, Fresh from the Oven Cookies, as well as our own special dishes. Check out our menu to find your favorite! We offer specials on a daily basis.

Stop by for a taste of our famous Reuben sandwich, buy Amish meats and cheeses by the pound, browse our selection of Health and Amish products or just to say “Hello!” Ken’s Deli & Bakery is always ready to serve you!

– Ken Gillette, Owner